Best Valentine’s Day Carob cake.

Best Valentine’s Day Carob cake.

I’m sitting at the most romantic Grand Waliea hotel in Maui (just having a vegan lunch), typing away on my iPhone getting this recipe ready for you. My hubbys watching the playoffs and I’m blogging. Trust me, this IS romance, being in HI relaxing and loving each other  

Anyway, this cake is crazy delicious. 

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 To finally have the carob recipe I have always dreamed of and now the packaging to match, I am really just over the moon with all the exciting changes happening with my company.

I am not going to lie, running this natural products marathon is not for the "faint of heart", but something keeps me going. Providing delicious carob that really tastes so much like chocolate, without the corn syrup, gmos and white/cane sugar, is where I get my motivation to soldier on. Making candy everyday is a pretty great way to live.

In April 2018, it...

Vegas Baby

My happy place

Who would have thought that I would find happiness in Vegas. My husband Andrew and I were on a business trip last week and I was searching for Vegan Eats. The Wynn Hotel came up as a very popular spot, so we traipsed over. It was like Wally Wonka came to life in the middle of the hotel. The...

Parents Love to give their kids Missy J's

It is ALWAYS heartwarming to hear things like this from parents:

"I was in your shop Tuesday with my wife - yum!  Thank you for making treats we feel good about giving to our little guy." Aaron M

I spent a few days in Las Vegas for a trade show the other day and there were football fields of booths with bowls of sugar laden candy. Glad...

Going Gluten Free in 2017

Going Gluten Free in 2017

Missy J's is "cooking up" a line of gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, cane sugar-free and caffeine-free treats for you.

We are so excited to make our healthier and yummy treats even more healthier and yummier.

Candy bars coming your way.