About Us

Shop in person at our brick and mortar candy shop in Boulder.
2825 Wilderness Place, Suite 900, Boulder, CO 80301 720-313-5453

Our mission is to provide "better for you" snacks + treats that, first and foremost taste divine, are free from unhealthy ingredients like white processed sugar, dairy, caffeine, are lower glycemic and non gmo. We pack our treats with love, as well as, nutrient dense ingredients such as, carob, coconut oil, almonds to name a few. Think Mrs. Fields and Godiva had a healthy baby, that's Missy J's.

Hi, I'm Jodi, (aka Missy J). I love treats, but it was impossible to find indulgent options that would "play nice" with my food allergies and sensitivities.

Probably like you, I was tired of the never ending chant of, “I can’t eat that”. Whether I was in the grocery store, out for a cup of tea, or at a friend’s house for dinner, I was always frustrated and sad when I had to watch the delicious chocolate cake waft pass my nose.

So after a long search, and finding nothing suitable, I took matters into my own hands and developed my company, Oh, yes you candy and branded my products Missy J's snacks + treats. We offer a naturally indulgent line of delicious confections, you and I now can absolutely say yes to!

Missy J's snacks + treats are delectable, full of deliciousness and "better for you" ingredients happily FREE FROM caffeine, dairy, gmos, cane or white sugar.

Perhaps the world's greatest invention. A blissfully guilt-free treat! 100% Yummy, 0% Regret!

I would love to hear from you.

Jodi Feinhor-Dennis (aka Missy J), CEO