Jennifer Tingstad NE liveprajna.com writes:

"Missy J's truffley treats are a well balanced treat and great for an after lunch snack or 3pm pick me up.

It's the healthy fats from the Coconut Oil and Carob that provide blood sugar stabilizing benefits, which other candy can say that?

Missy J's truffley treats uses organic Coconut Oil, which can heal the intestinal lining and prevent food sensitivities from developing. Carob also provides the body with antioxidants, fiber and gallic acid, which regulates the digestive tract.

These allergen free candies work for almost every diet plan, without dairy, wheat, caffeine or added sugars. These treats are amazing for people, adults as well as children, with all kinds of allergy or health concerns.

Missy J's truffley treats are naturally stimulant free and 1 piece of candy is only 75 calories, so it won’t disrupt your diet, enjoy!"

'I haven't tasted anything that good that is healthy...it's carob, not chocolate, right?"
"Best carob I have ever tasted"
"Not the carob from my childhood"
"That's chocolate as far as I'm concerned"
"Getting more for your taste buds"
"What's not to love?"
"Softer and creamier than you imagine"
"I was not expecting that!!" Yumm!
"It has the BEST consistency, even better than chocolate"
"You wouldn’t know it's not chocolate" FOOD SCIENTIST

...and I AGREE! So proud to provide a satisfying treat, LOVE, JODI



Mary F. Shackelton MPH, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor who practices family medicine with an emphasis on women’s health.

What she has to say about OYYC.

"Oh Yes You Candy has produced 'Missy J's truffley treats" a wonderful "treat" for people who cannot eat dairy but who would like a safe and delicious treat. It is hard to keep these in stock, they fly off the display in my office and are a very easy sell to people who are careful about what they eat. They are like a truffle, honestly, and come in several flavors. Jodi is so creative!! These are divinely inspired. She has managed to take carob -- a food that is usually linked in our minds to trail mix in the 1970's-- and give it a modern renovation. 5 stars!!!"

HELEN JOFFEE, BSc Deg, Phytotherapy, Clinical Herbalist

What she had to say about OYYC

“Jodi’s heavenly bites are just that, divine natural yumminess. Eating these melt in your mouth delights you’ll never miss the chocolate!”

Carob pod or Ceratonia siliqua, is both a healthy food and medicine. Native to southeastern Europe, western Asia and northern Africa, it is a large evergreen tree growing up to 30 feet tall. The tree does not bear fruit for sometimes 15 years, but thereafter bears plenty. One tree can harvest up to one ton of fruit in a single picking!

Used within ancient Egypt it was eaten as a delicacy, aphrodisiac and used to treat ailments of the digestion. The 1st century Greek physician Dioscorides wrote that ‘carob acted to relive stomach pain and settle the digestion’.

Carob pods are nutritious being high in sugars, fats, starch, proteins and vitamins. The bean, seeds and pods are edible. It is the ground seeds that are used in place of cocoa. The pods are often used as cattle feed and in times of famine people would supplement with carob pods. Also known as St. John’s bread or locust bean gum.

Today Carob is mainly used as a healthy alternative to chocolate as it is both nourishing and sweet, having naturally occurring sugars it does not require as much added sugar as chocolate does and does not have the caffeine or theobromine that chocolate has, which can have harmful effects such as causing anxiety, upsetting the digestion or being overly stimulating.

In medicine, Carob pods have a naturally occurring substance called pinitol, which belongs to a group of inositols or non-caloric sugars. This pinotil is thought to help with diabetics or people with insulin resistance, as it reduces insulin resistance by aiding the muscles ability to absorb glucose and increase cellular metabolism.

One can in fact see that this is not only just a yummy food or tea; it’s nutritious & good for you!