Kitchen designing to suit your life

I have a passion for all things beautiful, modern and stylish. Interior design, graphic design, cool clothing and even in my food.

Isn't this photo of toast gorgeous?!

Photo from Cherie Tu

I love when my food lands on the plate in a beautiful composition.

Another passion of mine is design. Modern, stylish interior and graphic design.

When it comes to my house or workspace, I gotta have a pretty and tidy space to live and create. The photo above is when my kitchen is at it's best. [Full disclosure- Ok, right now, there is some clutter in my kitchen that makes me a little stressed, but I know when I tidy up, I will feel that roomy, creative joy come flooding back like in the photo.] Out of clutter and chaos comes calm, I guess is the circle of life, right?. Hmmm, maybe I clutter in order to feel the satisfaction of calm...I digress. (that will be for a later therapy session). For now, I wanted to showcase pretty food and an even prettier kitchen. 

I love kitchen design. I just love it. I think it is the most fun.

What is your favorite thing about your kitchen? Is the big table you have to gather with your family and friends or is it the new double oven you use to make the perfect casserole? For me it is the colorful cabinets and the center table.

I never shy away from being different and neither should you. 

 Think color. Think style, think innovation and creativity. 

Use and old vintage find, like the old scale, I have on my counter top for interest and whimsy.

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